Filtration Systems Care - Repair & Maintenance Service, Membrane Sales

Engineered Filtration Solutions (EFS) has over 20 years experience building, operating and repairing cross-flow filtration systems. Expertise with Suez, GE and Winesecrets RO systems and experience with many others including Vaslin Bucher, Della Toffola and FCI Watermakers

Production Challenge: Tangential Flow Systems in need of repair or maintenance:

High end tangential flow systems are less common than many dead end filtration systems. Maintenance and repair knowledge is often not readily available leading to the following issues:

  • "The filter is down again."  If your system is inoperable, you can miss critical processing and production schedules.
  • "We bought this from France. Who here speaks French?." The equipment came from overseas, but the maintenance personnel did not. 
  • "We don't have the knowledge in house to fix this." Facility maintenance staff has no experience with ROs, Ultrafilters and Crossflow filters.  

Engineered Filtration Solutions can guide you through these problems.  

Engineered Filtration Solutions has over 20 years experience building and repairing tangential flow systems. From the machine built to gain the original patent in 2006, Engineered Filtration Solutions staff has worked on many of the ROs and other similar systems throughout North America. 

  • Engineered Filtration Solutions has built many of the systems in service at wineries today.
  • As a SUEZ Channel Partner, Engineered Filtration Solutions staff is certified to repair SUEZ systems.
  • Have seen, operated and repaired systems from other providers including Vaslin Bucher and Della Toffola

Your Results

Your machine, regardless of manufacturer, is running again:

  • Ready for production on schedule.
  • A planned maintenance schedule in place to assure future operability.
  • Worry free repair.

Your Advantages

Engineered Filtration Solutions has been building and repairing ROs, Molecular ROs, Ultrafilters and crossflow filters for over 20 years. Your benefits of choosing to work with us include:

  • Experience: We've seen it before.
  • Professional: Uniformed personnel with proper tools and supplies will arrive at a scheduled time.
  • Inventory: Engineered Filtration Solutions has the membranes and spare parts you need to repair or maintain your high end filtration device.

Engineered Filtration Solutions has conducted tangential flow filtration millions of gallons in the beverage industry throughout North America with functional, well maintained equipment. Let us be your go-to providers for repairs and preventive maintenance.

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