Targeted Filtration Equipment & Product Treatment Systems

Engineered Filtration Solutions is a Channel Partner with SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly GE). Through our relationship, EFS can supply SUEZ process technologies to suit your needs:

EFS sells Suez equipment for reverse osmosis nanofiltration & ultrafiltration with its applications for clarification concentration deodorization color reduction & alcohol reduction.

4000 Series Artisinal Reverse Osmosis Platforms

  • 4" membrane systems
  • Ideal for small scale operations or method development
  • 8 and 16 membrane systems available

8000 Series Large Scale Reverse Osmosis Platforms

  • 8" membrane systems
  • Ideal for commercial operations & ongoing production
  • 8 and 16 membrane systems available

Custom Build Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Customer specified systems
  • Sized to your need with fewer or more membranes
  • Specify materials of construction or custom control systems

These systems combine the reliability of SUEZ construction with our operational experience to provide cutting edge capabilities. EFS will be your conduit to the technical expertise of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. We translate their industrial systems into winery applications and assure proper installation, commissioning and operability.

    You can find the best path forward for each product with Engineered Filtration Solutions' Targeted Filtration Equipment.


    Engineered Filtration Solutions is your ideal provider for process options, with equipment specially designed for the following operations:

    • De-colorization
    • De-odorization
    • Extraction
    • Clarification
    • Isolation
    • Concentration
    • Alcohol adjustment


    Contact our separation specialists to see which system is best for your application