Test Track - Bench-Scale Membrane Trials - Send us 5 Gallons Today!

Bench Trials for Tangential flow Technologies Including Reverse Osmosis, nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration & Microfiltration

Test Track bench-scale membrane separation & filtration equipment allows method development for targeted clarification concentration & extraction. Test reverse osmosis nanofiltration ultrafiltration & crossflow with small sample before investment and scale up.

Production Challenge: Separation process  requires cost-effective, expedient  trials before large scale operations

If you think that a targeted removal or concentration of a particular component would add value to your product, send a small lot to Engineered Filtration Solutions' Test Track.


We can use Test Track to prove your idea with a minimal commitment of resources and product. 

  • Talk to one of our membrane separations specialists about the results you are seeking.  We can design a trial to reach your result.
  • Send product for your trial, often 5 gallons or less will work.
  • EFS performs the trial
  • EFS send you samples of the outcomes
You can find the best path forward for each product with Engineered Filtration Solutions' Test Track.

It is important to understand the impact of various membrane separations on a small scale before processing large volumes at your facility.  Test Track allows you to conduct bench trials on all available Engineered Filtration Solutions process options, to include:

  • De-colorization
  • De-odorization
  • Extraction
  • Clarification
  • Isolation
  • Concentration
  • Alcohol adjustment

Your Results

Once Engineered Filtration Solutions receives your samples, they are trialed and processed samples returned for your evaluation, many times in less than one week.

    Engineered Filtration Solutions has conducted Test Track trials on hundreds of individual samples in the food, beverage and biotech industries with over 50% leading to full service treatment. Our highly trained, professional staff provides you with processed trial samples. Once you decide on the best course of action, large scale treatment will be scheduled at your facility. 


    See what test track can do for you