Water & Wastewater Treatment for Reuse, Recycle & Discharge Reduction

 Clean waste water for reuse or discharge, thus improving your water-use ratio.


Waste digestion is a two step process; biodigestion and membrane separation. 

Ultrafilter Membranes (ZeeWeed) from Suez Water Technologies reduce water usage, waste streams and costs. Suez ZeeWeed utilizes ultrafilter technology to provide clean water to operations or undergo further treatment for recycle and reuse. Retrofits of existing systems are common.

Typical response to a failing digestor is to add more air. 

This creates more agitation, and suspended solids won’t settle out. 

The ultrafilter membrane retains suspended solids in the mixed liquor.

Outside to inside membranes allow continuous removal of clean water without regard to the concentration of suspended solids that surround them.

Effluent quality > 3 mg/l BOD and ND TSS.





Suez Membranes (ZeeWeed) provide clean water from waste water. Retrofit into existing wastewater systems. The ultrafilter fibers reject solids and bacteria. Effluent quality is 5 mg/L BOD, 3 mg/L TSS and very low total nitrogen and phosphorous.


Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) with Suez ultrafilter membranes produce superior effluent quality over typical waste water systems. Coupled with reverse osmosis, considerable water recycle and reuse is possible reducing cost and environmental footprint.


 *Design based on 70°F (20°C) water temperature and max month flow
**TN Removal Optional
***TP Removal Optional
Salt/TDS reduction can be done by adding Reverse Osmosis downstream





Engineered Filtration Solutions is a Channel Partner with SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly GE). Through our relationship, Engineered Filtration Solutions can supply SUEZ process technologies to suit your needs:

  • 4000 Series Artisanal Reverse Osmosis Platforms
  • 8000 Series Large Scale Reverse Osmosis Platforms

    These systems combine the reliability of SUEZ construction with our operational experience to provide cutting edge capabilities. Engineered Filtration Solutions will be your conduit to the technical expertise of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. We translate their industrial systems into specialized small scale custom applications and assure proper installation, commissioning and operability.

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